Zanzibar: A Place Like No Other

Zanzibar is a splendid archipelago nestled off the coast of Tanzania, made up of Unguja, Pemba and other small islands. It is approximately 60 miles long and 20 miles wide, with a total area of 650 square miles.  It is known for its white sandy beaches, picturesque fishing villages, historic town, and bountiful lush plantations. Its offerings all contribute to a unique holiday experience that will leave its visitors wanting more.

Despite its tiny size, Zanzibar holds a legendary status among its visitors as an exotic island paradise.  It features many little islands located off its shores, providing visitors with a unique beach experience.  Some of the islands are only accessible at certain times depending on tide levels.

Attractions in Zanzibar

Visitors to Zanzibar shouldn’t miss the island’s main attraction, Stone Town. This town is the one of the oldest fortress in Africa built to defend the island’s market place. Other than the noisy market, visitors should also visit the historical building and take a tour of spice plantations. There is also the Forodhani Gardens, a place that demonstrates the island’s strong cultural interaction.

Beach Holiday

The unique location of Zanzibar gives its visitors access to the azure waters of the Indian Ocean. This provides tourists with a perfect opportunity to relax, enjoy the sun, and take a break from their busy lives. There is the private island of Mnemba, which was voted as one of the most romantic destinations in the world.

Other majestic beach destinations in Zanzibar include Unguja, Pemba, and Chumbe islands. The island also boasts of more than 20 fantastic beaches. Visitors can enjoy the place by swimming in the ocean or taking a walk along the shore.

Accommodations in Zanzibar

Zanzibar offers luxurious accommodations for a romantic holiday, as well as a range of hotels that will suit every budget. Visitors wanting to stay on this island can get help from numerous travel websites to find the perfect accommodation for them. There are also numerous hotels in the area such as the Z Hotel and Kasha Boutique Hotel, which offer spectacular views of the ocean. Visitors can also choose accommodations depending on the area, type, budget, or their preferences.

For a truly unique holiday, book a hotel in Zanzibar or get a travel package that is right for your budget. Whether it’s for a wedding, honeymoon, or a family vacation, this small island offers a lot for an unforgettable holiday experience.

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