Women Hold The Largest Share Of Car Purchases In December

According to CNW market research, women are responsible for more than 39% of new car sales in December 2013. The figure is a step-down from its peak of 45.5%in 2006, but a big boost compared to the 36% spent by the demographic base at the worst of the recession.

largest shareUnemployment

Observers point to unemployment rates as one of the determining factors that drove the recent trend of women buying cars that are more expensive. Unemployment among men has outpaced that of women since 2007. In 2010, 8.6% of women were unemployed as compared to the 10.5% of men. The most recent data available shows that on November 2013, 6.7% of women are unemployed compared to 7.3% of men.

Says Who

These numbers may come as a surprise to many as a recent poll asked respondents who they thought had the most influence in new car sales. The study conducted on December 2013 by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers showed that 72% of men believed that they held the most sway, while 60% of women said otherwise.

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