With Clear Vision Comes Great Responsibility

different types of eyeglassesHumans are visual creatures. They need the sense of sight to make better sense of the world. But with the growing number of factors that can compromise the way you see things, preventive measures are important.

Many modern activities are tough for human eyes. Fortunately, modernity has also brought a number of ways to prevent eyesight problems from developing. With the help of a bulk billing optometrist in Brisbane, you can take care of your vision. Preserve your perfect vision by keeping in mind these following reminders:

Take a Break from Your Electronic Devices

Electronic devices like smartphones and tablets have replaced television as the number one source of concerns when it comes to eyesight. While using them may not have direct adverse effects to health, overuse can put strain to the eyes; this is known as digital eye strain. People often utilise these gadgets to read texts and view images at close range, so the eyes have to refocus and read just to process the content.

Prolonged exposure to these electronic devices may lead to eye fatigue, irritation, and other vision problems. Once you experience dryness after using your gadget, it is better to take a break and let your eyes rest for a while. Control the brightness of the lighting system too to lessen the strain to your eyes.

Keep Your Lenses Clean

Contacts are great alternatives to prescription glasses, particularly for those who feel inconvenienced by wearing spectacles. They require special care practices, though. Some types of contact lenses need extensive care while some are disposable. But for all types, you should not use saline solution or rewetting drops. Consult a bulk billing optometrist to know more about other proper maintenance measures.

Choose Green and Fishy

Carrots are the poster child for eye-friendly food, as they are rich in Vitamin A. But in your next meal, add green leafy vegetables like mustard greens, kale, and collard to the mix. They contain lutein which may reverse symptoms of macular degeneration. Fatty acids called Omega-3 from fish like tuna also help prevent the eyes from becoming dry.

Having the perfect vision is rare these days. With proper care and preventive practices, however, you can be one of the few exceptions.

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As a New York-based psychologist. Thelma Scott has conducted several seminars tackling adult autism.