Winter Checklist: Protecting Your Home from the Cold

There’s nothing worse than trying to put your storm windows in when its 20° outside, or failing to purge your sprinkler system before winter arrives.

It’s best to get ready for the winter months during fall. This way, you’ll have plenty of time to complete the following heating and cooling system winter checklist.

Heating System

When it’s still fall, and not later than October, give your heating system a run through to make sure that it’s in good working condition. Turn your thermostat to heat mode and set it to 80°. Within a few minutes, you’ll hear the furnace turn on and feel the warm air blow. If your furnace’s running good, turn your thermostat back to its normal setting. If it’s not, try to diagnose the problem.

Depending on the problem, you can fix it yourself or you may need a qualified service technician. You can also inspect and maintain your furnace by yourself or seek assistance of professionals.

Put it a new and clean air filter and remove heating vent obstacles so it can flow freely. Check for carbon monoxide using a low-cost test badge or battery operated alarm.

Air Conditioning System

The condensing unit that churns away amid the summer heat is one of the most neglected, but important components of an air conditioning system. As winter approaches, it also needs a little care.

Clean your condensing unit by taking a hose and setting its spray head to “jet” or the highest pressure available. Using the hose, clean the fan blades and condensing coils of debris and dirt.

Left unprotected, the condensing unit can get damaged, requiring you to get air conditioning repairs in Scottsdale. Wet leaves and debris can contribute to the rusting and freezing of internal components. Covering these units with breathable, waterproof covers goes a long way to extending their life and efficiency.

When it comes to window air conditioners, it’s best to remove and store them for winter. If you can’t remove them, close your vents and cover your air conditioner.

During winter, it’s important to cover all your bases when it comes to your heating and air conditioning systems. Visit this website to learn how to best protect your home during the cold season.

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