Wine and Dine: Novel Ideas for Small Restaurants

Cafe restaurantThe dining industry is highly competitive, primarily because it will never go out. New businesses just keep sprouting and those on top have to move mountains just to get their customers. But, what if you are not looking to be a restaurateur in the big leagues, and owning a small-time business would do? Whether it is a street food joint, or roadside stalls and booths in any of the cities in Australia, you still have to pack a mean credit to get customers. Here are some ideas to give your business a novel feature:

Art Gallery Café

Most cafes tend to be built inside already-established galleries in the city. How about the other way around? What if you put the gallery in the café? Guests can come in, get their pastries and coffee, and get to sit beside wonderful oil paintings, or even sculptures. This would give them a good relaxing and artistic vibe. It may even attract artists to your joint not only to enjoy the food, but to get experience for their next great work.

The Freighter

Most street food joints employ simple booths or even foodtrucks. Some go the extra mile and even hire shipping containers Perth companies put up for sale. Yes, those large metal crates are not just for putting stuff in them. They can double as an already built 8 x 20 x 8’ food booth. Of course, you will still have to add the kitchen and tables outside to fully convert it into a working food stall. Seeing these freights would remind you of ports. This would work best if your product is seafood. This can be put to great effect when used in coastal or port cities, such as Perth.

Video Game and Toy Display

Nothing attracts children more than the prospect of playing games. That is why some pizza parlors have arcade games. Try a different approach where your restaurant or café, the displays are of toys, action figures, and video game posters. It will capture the imagination or the sense of wonder of children who will no doubt come pulling the hands of their parents to go to. It can also be a venue of comic book or trading card aficionados to meet and play, thereby boosting your customers.

About the Author

As a New York-based psychologist. Thelma Scott has conducted several seminars tackling adult autism.