Why Roof Maintenance is Important and How You Should Do It

roof maintenanceThe roof is a part of the house owners often neglect. Regular roof inspections are important, though, given how it is a crucial basic structure. By doing so, you can find potential problems that might result in costly repairs and avoid them altogether. Keep your roof in great condition and it will be a plus if you decide to move and sell your house in the future, too.

From the Inside

What exactly should you check when assessing the condition of a roof? Start by inspecting your ceilings and what’s going on inside your home. Get a flashlight and go to your attic to do this. Roof inspection should be done at least twice a year—spring and fall.

Examine these areas when inspecting inside your home:

  • Check if the roof deck might be sagging
  • Inspect if outside light might be showing through the roof
  • Early signs of damage from leaking water
  • Dark trails and spots

From the Outside

The next step is to look at the roof itself. Take a good look and see if there are any missing shingles, blistering, damaged flashing, curling, rotting, buckling, and algae growth (which is common in humid climates).

Here are some tips to follow when doing this:

  • Carefully inspect for bald, cracked, torn, or missing shingles
  • Check if there is an extreme volume of shingle granules in the gutters
  • Look out for loose materials around vents, chimneys, and pipes
  • Scan if drains allow water to exit and all downspouts and gutters are debris-free
  • Examine if there are any signs of rot, moisture, or mold

Build a habit of taking care of your roof before extreme problems like a leaky roof occur. Protect your home by following some basic observation skills. The roof’s importance is beyond its aesthetic appeal or being practical. It keeps your whole family protected from the elements and really is your first line of defense. Detecting problems early on gives you the opportunity to repair them before a major rebuild or complete replacement is necessary.

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