When You Mess with the Bull, You Get the Hoofs and Horns

BullThere may never be greater excitement than riding a full-grown bull with all the unpredictability it entails. And yet, the sport itself is never shy of danger. Many who have gained some mastery of the sport have met disastrous endings in the quest of making their “most dangerous 8 seconds” stick.

A bull riding helmet (from retailers such as A.A. Callister's) is a great way to upgrade your safety. Without ample protection, riding a 2,000-pound bull could be largely suicidal.

Not for the Faint of Hearts

Perhaps the bull represents the “inner wild” that man has to tame to succeed in life. Thus, even when riding a bull have been done centuries ago, today it has developed into a full-pledged sport – adopted as true competition in professional circles and in many U.S. universities.

The good thing’s despite all flak it has caught, bull riding is never as dangerous as driving. In 2014 alone, road accidents amounted to 32,675 fatalities involving over 29,989 motor crashes.

Certainly, bull riding pales in comparison to road accidents in the Danger Department. Still, there are understood risks in reining in a healthy, rampaging bull. And people deemed to be masters of the sport, such as the late Lane Frost, a 26-year-old National Champion immortalized in the film “8 Seconds”, have lost their lives in the process – needlessly.

Getting Ample Protection

One bull riding helmet could be your last line of defense to protect your head from a violent attack. Stronger than a regular hockey helmet, this headgear will go a long way in making sure your head isn’t the first one to suffer should you fall from the bull.

Even better, today’s helmet have become increasingly light giving you greater freedom to move – with the most technically advanced weighing as little as 2.5 pounds.

Then, there’s the vest. The body gear may not be able to stop a bullet, but they could sure be a lifesaver when you’re facing the horns and hoofs of a 2,000-pound rampaging mammal.

When it comes to bull riding, the best way to get in on the fun and excitement is to get yourself protected, first and foremost.

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