What You Should Know About Australian School Uniform Policies

Australian School UniformAustralian school uniforms are made up of a limited clothing range, which may also include headwear and footwear. They are crucial for identifying students as part of a particular private or public school. Students are normally expected to wear their uniforms while in, heading to or coming home from school. It’s also expected when they’re engaging in school activities even when they’re not within its premises.

School Uniform Policies

While school uniform policies will always be different from one school to another, if schools require their students to practice strict uniform policies, they must:

  • impose specific policies regarding school uniforms that students must wear at all times
  • make certain that decency, safety, and health standards are met
  • be very practical for a broad range of weather conditions and physical tasks
  • identify students with their school
  • aid students in feeling comfortable in school and with their peers
  • be cost effective

Deciding on School Uniform Policies

It is the responsibility of school councils to set specific school uniform policies with help and suggestions from their community. When deciding on these policies, schools should factor in the cost of the uniforms and try as much as possible to keep expenses to a minimum. According to permapleat.com.au, a well-known school uniform shop, schools usually source cost-effective uniforms through the following:

  • bulk or wholesale ordering and purchasing by the school from their chosen school uniform shop
  • uniform exchange programs
  • second hand or used clothing shops
  • financial support through loans, subsidations, or time payment
  • loaning school uniforms that will be returned by students when they outgrow them or leave school

Some Key Points to Remember

The careful and proper selection of school uniforms will be able to contribute to students’ health and safety in and out of school, and while engaging in various activities. School uniforms should always reflect the expectations and standards set forth by the authorities and must be developed and consented upon by everyone in the community, including students and their parents.

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