What You Need to Know When Polishing Concrete

Polishing concretePolishing concrete is a must among builders – and with good reason. For one, polished concrete requires less maintenance and so it is considered cost-effective. It is also less resistant to dirt and dust, making it easier to clean. And of course, it comes with a variety of colours and designs for that added touch of versatility and uniqueness. It even gives the space a much brighter look. But before purchasing polishing materials in hardware supplies in Australia, you must first be familiar with the basics of concrete polishing.

What is concrete polishing?

Concrete polishing is a multi-step process that involves the use of various chemicals and paraphernalia to achieve a polished surface. It is widely used in different settings, be it in private residences, retail stores, warehouses and even office buildings.

Common methods used for polishing concrete

There are basically two common ways to polish your concrete: the dry and the wet method. To date, most builders favour the dry method because it comes with more benefits. Aside from helping builders get faster results, the dry method for polishing concrete is also less damaging to the environment. On the other hand, the wet method is messier, making the entire process quite inconvenient for builders.

The polishing process

If you have ever tried sanding wood, you pretty much know the concept behind polishing concrete already. During the polishing process, machines are used together with diamond-segmented abrasives. These two work together to grind down concrete, resulting in a perfectly polished surface.

The process itself can be quite tedious. You have to remove the existing coatings and seal cracks before moving forward with the grinding process. After that, you need to use a chemical hardener before you even start polishing. It involves a lot of work but if you choose high-quality machines and materials when buying hardware supplies in Australia, you’ll be one step closer to achieving the best results

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