What to Choose? The Different Types of Pool Fencing

Pool Fences The presence of a swimming pool at home is like having a readily available leisure and exercise equipment right in your yard. Having one does not only mean getting the right materials to keep the water safe and clean, though. It also means maintaining privacy and keeping accidents at bay. Good thing, installing a pool fence is a good way to do both. You have simply need to choose the right type depending on your needs.

Aluminium Pool Fence

Aluminium has been the choice for many households because it can serve as a decorative ornament as well. What’s more is it doesn’t need much maintenance for its durability. However, because of its pliability, aluminium may not be your perfect choice if you want more privacy.

Glass Pool Fence

A glass pool fence is an elegant addition to your yard. All you need is to find a trusted glass pool fencing supplier and installer for your Auckland home. It gives an unobstructed view, which is beneficial if you have children who like to play in the pool. You can always work facing the pool and still keep an eye on your children. Cleaning is easy as glass pool fences can be installed with standoff fixing.

PVC Pool Fence

Installing a PVC pool fence is a great choice. It gives the privacy you need and will not cost much to maintain. You can also choose from varied styles, which makes it a popular choice. One disadvantage of using a PVC pool fence, however, is it sags in time and the colours fade because of external factors. Cleaning can also be a problem as mildew tends to develop on parts that get wet frequently.

Your choice of pool fencing is dependent on your needs, especially the ones who are using the pool more often.

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