What is a Ship Made of? Here are Its 4 Essential Parts

ship anchored to the dockShips have gone a long way since the olden days. Before, they were mostly made of wooden planks and had to rely on sails that would propel them to their destination. Now, ships benefit from modern technology like GPS systems for navigation and steel hulls for a sturdier build. Take a closer look at the basic parts of a modern ship.

1. Hull

The hull refers to the actual body or shell of the boat. Its purpose is to protect the cargo, machinery, and other components inside the ship. Ship workers look for polyurethane coating suppliers to provide a protective lining on the hull that seals any potential leak. This prevents water from getting inside the hull that could sink the ship.

2. Stern

The back of a ship is called the stern, and under it could be the propellers. The stern helps keep water off a ship while allowing the propeller to move the ship in a particular direction. Once a stern gets damaged, so could the propeller.

3. Bow

As the front part of a ship, the bow should be able to withstand strong currents. This is why they are pointed to break water, and manufactured with strong material like steel. If a bow’s integrity is weak, it could break under pressure from the water and cause the ship to get flooded and sunk.

4. Machinery

The machinery refers to every piece of equipment or technology installed on the ship. Examples include the controls for navigating the ship, the propeller’s engine, the air conditioning systems, or the generator that supplies electricity to the ship.

In conclusion, a ship consists of several important components for it to function as intended. More importantly, the people who operate the ship are expected to work together in properly operating the machinery and maintaining the condition of the hull. Indeed, a ship is a testament to how man and machine are working together to make this invaluable mode of transportation work.

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