Weekend Fishing Adventure: Australia’s Top Destinations

sportfishing holidayAustralia is a fishing haven for any angling enthusiast. With stunning coastlines, vast harbours, and clear lakes, there are many opportunities to get a catch. There are also bays and rivers to explore the best of nature. If you’re planning to go on a weekend adventure with your friends, here are some places you shouldn’t miss:

Arnhem Land

Arnhem Land offers a stunning view of the north coast, providing a quiet retreat for a weekend of run off sportfishing. The coast is home to different species of fish, from mangrove jack, long tail tuna, to blue salmon. Arnhem Land also has a number of rivers, creeks, and lagoons where you can target tarpons, Saratogas, and the famous Barramundi. The region features a pristine environment where you can explore offshore islands and fishing spots left untouched by the world.


Located 2200 kilometre north of Perth, Broome is a famous spot for pearl diving and fishing. The area is home to sailfish, marlin, and many more, giving you different opportunities to turn up and wet a line. The offshore waters are also alive with tuna, mackerel, and different species of reef fish. Broome isn’t only a place to get some fishing action, but also features the best sights around Western Australia. You can ride a camel along Cable Beach, see the breathtaking views of the sunset along the coast, or go whale-watching with friends.

Sal Salis

With the great Ningaloo Reef at its borders, Sal Salis makes for the perfect getaway for budget fly fishing holidays. Many anglers visit this area to enjoy a day of game fishing. The area is home to the blue marlin, Broadbill, Wahoo, Bonefish, Spanish mackerel, and other species that you can catch all year round. Sal Salis also shows stunning attractions and exciting activities, so there won’t be any dull time during your stay.

Planning Your Fishing Holiday

Fishing trips are best enjoyed with a well-planned itinerary. Many anglers visit Australia to enjoy a weekend of fun and adventure, so be sure to book your tours ahead. It’s also important to know Australia’s fishing rules and regulations so you won’t run into any trouble during your trip. Search online for more information about Australia’s top fishing destinations.

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