Wardrobe Transition: University Clothes You Can Wear Post-Graduation

hoodieTransitioning between university and adult life can be a stressful process. Other than the shift in responsibilities and dynamics that occur, you also need to transition from your old habits into new and more adult ones.

This includes your wardrobe and whether you like it or not, not everything you wore during your golden years in uni are acceptable in the real world. With that said, you should not have to throw away everything. Here is a rundown of the items you can keep and wear post-graduation.


There is a reason you have more than three hoodies in your closet: they are incredibly comfortable. Keep your batch hoodies and fashionable Crooks and Castles hoodie from 5Pointz.co.uk for days when the adult world becomes too harsh and you just want to snuggle in. Make sure it’s a day-off, though.

Skinny Jeans

Although trousers and pencil skirts are more acceptable in the workplace, if your office implements a smart casual dress code, do not be afraid to don your favorite skinny jeans from time to time. Pair it with a simple white button down or a blazer and you are not going to look too out of place.

Dirty Sneakers

Adult world is not all office work, meetings and paying bills. Being out in the real world post-university also means fun weekend outs with your colleagues, going out for a movie or strolling around the park, in which your six-year old sneakers will do just fine.

That leather jacket, inspired plaid skirt and snapback cap are all still acceptable in the world of taxes and business contracts. With the right situation, you will find ways to look like a respectable adult while feeling like you are a sophomore again.

Transition gracefully to the adult world but do not throw away these clothing items that witnessed the making of the person you are today. The world outside university can be harsh. It pays to find your own ways to find comfort and keep yourself grounded.

About the Author

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