This is the Voice: 3 Surprising Benefits of Radio Advertising Today

RadioWith the emergence of the Internet, many marketers turn to numerous social media sites to air their advertisements. While there are opportunities in these contemporary media, some tend to neglect the more traditional ones. Surprisingly, the radio, in particular, remains a popular choice for many to tune in to.

Reports say that about 90% of the population still use their radios and each person spends an average of 21.4 hours on it weekly. This is a good enough reason for you to procure radio advertising in marketing the business. Even in today’s era of new technologies, this medium continues to be useful.


Utilising social media for your advertisements saves you a lot of money because it is relatively free. It is a common rule in marketing, though, to spend more to gain more. Compared to TV and print, radio advertising costs less, but it proves to be as effective. This is a viable solution if your business assets compel you to tighten up on the budget. Plus, plug-ins and commercials require less resources in production.

Time Proficient

To make a marketing campaign successful, you need to map out long term plans. But there are instances when you need to immediately put up your ads. For TV and print, you may need months or a year before you see your ad out there. Radio spots, on the other hand, can go on the air in as quickly as three weeks. Unlike the other two traditional media, you can send out your message way more quickly via radio.

Computable Results

Apart from the long period before an ad gets on TV and print, you have to wait even longer to see the results. In radio, meanwhile, you can measure results as fast as one week after the first airing. This enables you to see how effective your test radio spot was, giving you a shorter downtime in deciding whether to produce a new advertisement or not. With minimal delays, you avoid wastage.

Time drastically changes a lot of stuff. But there are still some things from the past that remain relatively constant, particularly in the advertising industry. Even today, airing your ads on radio is still a practical choice.

About the Author

James Maxwell, a Media Buyer at a media buying agency in New York. He was a former media ethics professor at a university in Los Angeles.