Utah Manufacturers Association Wants Millennial Workers

Factory WorkersUtah’s manufacturing industry serves an important role in the economy and other trade sectors, yet a dearth in employees has made it difficult for manufacturers to keep their business afloat, according to the Utah Manufacturers Association.

For industrial supply, Herrick Industrial Supply noted that online resources have made it easily available for manufacturers. The same, however, does not apply to finding more workers. This situation led manufacturing leaders and the UMA to tap into the millennial workforce.

Millennial Manufacturers

UMA President Todd Bingham said that Millennials are unaware of the manufacturing’s role in general, as opposed to the belief that they have a negative image for the industry. The relevance of the sector remains prominent up until now, so finding more workers is important to produce a wide range of products from diapers to airplane parts.

Eric Doxey Boud, a manufacturing consultant, agreed with Bingham and said that the manufacturing not only benefits the state, but also the entire country. By raising awareness among Millennials, Bingham believes that more Millennials will be interested in pursuing work.

Statewide Shortage

Aside from manufacturers, the construction sector in Utah also grapples with a need to fill job positions. Most vacancies left by those who have retired are not immediately replaced, which partly causes the problem.

While the lack of constructions workers also happens nationwide, construction companies in Utah aim to clear misconceptions about the industry. Some workers even earn more on an hourly basis compared to university graduates. The younger generation should also know that working in construction no longer entails a boring environment. Those who are interested in different kinds of modern equipment will get to use GPS-guided machinery, robots, 3D modeling, and drones.

Manufacturing plays an essential role in Utah’s economy, although it remains to be seen whether recruitment efforts for Millennials will solve a shortage of workers.

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