Unmotivated at Work: Truths About Productivity in the Workplace

workplaceSometimes you find yourself staring into a blank Word document and you just don’t feel motivated to work. Don’t blame yourself for feeling that way because surprisingly, there are a lot of things in your workplace that make you unmotivated.

Here is a list of facts that can help you build the dynamic atmosphere in the workplace and facilitate productivity:

Office Temperature Affects Mood

Surprisingly, your office thermostat has an effect on whether or not you are motivated to work.

If you feel somewhat unmotivated for no apparent reason, you can blame the freezing temperature in the office. Studies show that cold temperatures prompt feelings of sadness and isolation while warm temperatures discard negative emotions, such as rejection.

According to Air Specialty and numerous studies, air-conditioning units should be set at 65-75 degrees F to prepare the mood for productivity. It is also recommended that you adjust this temperature with considerations on the season, climate, and humidity in your area.

Humor Inspires Creativity

If you feel the urge to throw a joke while writing that business report due this afternoon, go ahead. Studies show that humour stimulates productivity and creativity. Laughter also strengthens the immune system, making you healthy and always ready for tasks at work.

Food Stimulates Efficiency

Workers who have a happy stomach perform best. According to a survey, food boosts the morale of employees and promotes friendship among them. Professionals say that they feel respected and appreciated for their work when employers give them food-based benefits.

Social Media Offer A Break

There’s a common belief that the use of social media in the workplace distracts you and leaves the work undone. But a study conducted by Microsoft reveals that social media increases productivity and employees believe that social tools facilitate collaboration. Some studies also claim that social media offer workers a refreshing pause or a break from their tasks.

Life in the office need not to be bland and difficult; it should be a place where you can unleash the full potential of your skills and talents. Know the facts that will help you be in the mood to be productive. Work diligently, take a break, and enjoy your career.

About the Author

As a New York-based psychologist. Thelma Scott has conducted several seminars tackling adult autism.