Tricks for Handling Your Alcohol at Sports Bars

Ah, there’s no better way to ice the workweek than by having a cold bottle of beer with colleagues. You can meet with old friends in a sports bar in Cincinnati to catch up or enjoy the ambiance while watching a ballgame.

Most people go to bars for one thing: to drink. It helps you unwind and reduce your level of stress after a tiring week. Alcohol alters the chemical balance in your brain to bring you pleasurable feelings. There’s nothing wrong with drinking occasionally as long as you know how to stay from getting drunk. Alcohol affects your sense of judgment and a highly inebriated state could put you in trouble.

Draw the Line

It’s important to control your alcohol when visiting a sports bar and restaurant in Cincinnati. The best way to avoid getting drunk is to set your limits. All people have their own tolerance for alcohol and you know yourself more than anybody does. Only you can tell if you’re already drinking too much and when it’s time to stop. It helps to take note of the number of shots or bottles you’ve downed to keep your alcohol in check rather than waiting for it to kick in.

Drink only What You Know

Always know what’s in your drink. Every beverage has a certain volume of alcohol, which can be a basis for how strong it is. Drinking cocktails is usually tricky, as you won’t feel the kick right away because of its other mixes. If you want to try a new drink, make sure to ask the bartender or a friend about it first before drinking.

Eat, Eat, Eat

Eating food rich in protein extends your threshold for alcohol. Munching on cheese sticks while drinking helps slow down your body’s way of absorbing alcohol. In addition, it gives you other things to do rather than drinking continuously.

Take Breaks

Take some time off the booze if you’re feeling intoxicated. Breaks are also helpful to pace yourself while drinking. Drinking non-alcoholic beverages (water is best) between liquors keeps the concentration of alcohol in your blood down. You can also visit the restroom to relieve yourself and get a time-out from drinking.

Drinking with some company is more fun and safe. Hanging out at a Cincinnati restaurant and sports bar with no one to talk to would bore you easily and make you drink faster to pass the time. After all, drinking is all about having fun, so go out with friends to have someone to share the beautiful evening.

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