Top Chinese Director Admits Violating One-Child Policy

One of China’s popular film directors, Zhang Yimou, has confirmed he has three kids with his wife, after months of rumors that he violated the country’s controversial family planning policies.

directorDefying one-child rule

Zhang has two sons and a daughter with his current wife, according to Yimou Studio.

That means the 62-year-old filmmaker has a total of four kids including a daughter with his ex-wife, in violation of China’s strict one-child policy.

Yimou Studio issued a statement, saying Zhang “would like to make sincere apologies to the public for the negative ramifications caused.”

The revelation and apology statement came after months of rumors that Zhang has allegedly seven or eight kids by three or four women.

Strict family planning law

China introduced its one-child policy over 30 years ago to slow the population growth.

It currently restricts most parents to one child, with exceptions including some rural families whose first kid is a girl.

Zhang was willing to cooperate with the investigation and accept punishment for breaking the law, according to a statement posted on Sina Weibo.

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