Tips On Organising Garden Sheds

Building a garden shedUndoubtedly, having a well-ordered container shed can save you time, money and energy. You want to arrange your things in such a way that you will not, for instance, waste ten minutes looking for a shovel. An organised shed is especially useful if you’ll be dealing with power tools and heavy gardening tools.

Here are a few tips on organising your garden shed:

Hang up tools and use up hidden spaces

If you have a lot of farm gear, you want everything to be able to fit within your shed. Utilise spaces like old curtain boxes by using them as shelves. Additionally, hang the longer tools such as rakes and hoes. You can also stack or suspend objects such as pots to free up more space.

Shelve what you can and use any container available

A standard shelf is likely to save up a lot of space. Shelves can help you utilise your vertical space by fitting them on top of one another. Look around for anything that you can use as a container as well. For example, an old chick feeder can be used to store catalogues, seed packets, potted plants and so forth.

Make a planting calendar and leave notes

Different plants have different planting seasons. A planting schedule could help you decide which tools you’ll need ready access to at any given time. You can also attach seed packets with colour-coded ribbons for different months to help you organise your seedlings. You can also create a bulletin board with notes about how and when to do certain chores.

Having an organised garden shed can save you time and money. You’ll no longer have to worry about losing anything, and you’ll be able to keep track of the state of your tools more easily. This way, all you’ll need to care about is how your plants are doing.

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