Tips on Choosing the Right Window Blinds

Window BlindsBlinds are no longer as simple as they used to be. Buying new blinds requires a great deal of thought if you want to get the perfect one for your living space. How will you choose the right window blinds? What would work and what wouldn’t work for your window treatments?

Here are some things to keep in mind:


Some blinds have adjustable slats to provide privacy and light control. These usually come in three sizes: 1/2 in, 1 in and 2 in.

Homeowners prefer the smallest slats, as these give their space a contemporary feel. Smaller slats tend to have a higher price, though. As an alternative, some choose the 2-inch slats because these have the same feel and appeal as Venetian and roller blinds. Perth window treatment manufacturers even offer customised sizes for individual requirements.


Choose a colour that will match your room’s scheme. Be more thorough with your choice if you’re going for a colour that will be more prominent than that of your window.

Blinds with neutral hues are ideal for long-term use; these classic blinds are easy to match with different shades. Choose a colour that complements the window trim, so it will blend with the rest of your room’s palette.


Blinds that match the trim of your windows blend in—these somehow ‘disappear’ and become an unnoticed feature in your room. For example, a monochromatic scheme uses similar and neutral shades for the entire room, from the upholstery to the smallest detail. Matching your blinds with the other elements can add a touch of elegance into the space.

It’s always good to have variety, as this makes you see all the possible options for your window blinds. The great thing about this is you can match your window treatment requirements minus the stress. Take your time, choose among the many options, and enjoy your new blinds.

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