Things You Should Know Before Visiting Myanmar

myanmar1Those planning to fly to Myanmar should know that people there celebrate the New Year, not just for one day, but for four days. Other than this interesting fact, the country of Myanmar also features fantastic beaches that include the Ngapali Beach, where one can find a number of large resorts and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Andaman Sea.

If there is one disappointing thing about the country, it could be the slow Internet connection. This, after all, can still be seen as good news since it used to be censored before.

For those looking for a more interesting trivia about Myanmar, do you know that a kissing sound gets you a beer? This is an effective way to get the waiters attention. Simply make a kissing sound-about two to three short kisses, as if calling a cat. Also, travelers need not be surprised if they see men wearing skirts, as this is standard practice in the country.

Find out more, like the unusual sound of trains in Myanmar, in this CNN News story.

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