The Wonders of Intermittent Fasting

undergoing cleansing theraphyMany consider fasting as something unpleasant, with no obvious long-term benefits. Little does everyone know that it involves a great new science that brings dramatic improvements to the human body. While how you age is powerfully shaped by your genes, calorie restriction therapies such as Isagenix does extend life expectancy.

The Growth Hormone

The IGF-1 hormone, an insulin-like growth factor, drives the human body in “Go!” mode, with cells driven to reproduce. This is fine as you grow, but not so good when your metabolism is slowing down. Good thing that science suggests that IGF-1 levels is easy to lower by your food preferences. Indeed, it would be smart to cut calories through month-long cleansing therapies like Isagenix, while also cutting down on protein intake. This is because when the human body no longer has access to food, levels of the IGF-1 drop, allowing for a convenient switch from “growth mode” to “repair mode”.

Intermittent Fasting

Hence, one scientific suggestion is to undergo Alternate Day fasting (ADF), which involves eating what you want one day, then adopting a600-calorie diet the next. Do this and it doesn’t matter how carelessly you eat on non-fast days, bringing good news for your heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, and all your other body systems. You can also do an easier version, where you eat 5 days a week, then restrict your diet to 600 calories for the remaining two days.

For instance, a sample fast day meal plan could consist of scrambled eggs and a thin slice of ham for breakfast, lots of water and tea during the day, then grilled fish and vegetables for dinner. Imagine the satisfaction of doing this for only two days, while splurging for the remaining five. Indeed, you’re almost guaranteed to lose your blood markers, with your IGF-1, glucose and cholesterol levels improving. Then imagine sustaining such a healthy habit, reducing your risk of contracting cancer and diabetes.

If you really want to fast, however, then you should do it under medical supervision. Compliment such a healthy routine with the best detoxifying therapies, and you’ll be all set for a long and happy life. Such can be surprisingly easy.

About the Author

As a New York-based psychologist. Thelma Scott has conducted several seminars tackling adult autism.