The Volunteer Corps Experience: Strengthening the Pillars of Total Defense

Soldiers in FormationTotal Defense has always been a guiding force for all Singaporeans; the framework lets each one understand what they can do for a holistic response to national challenges. When you take part in volunteer opportunities in the armed forces, you further exercise its five pillars: military defense, civil defense, economic defense, social defense and psychological defense.

Here are the different ways military training strengthens every aspect of the framework that promotes national stability.

Training for a Stronger Military Defense

Conscription is applicable to all male citizens and permanent residents of Singapore. You may participate in volunteer military training otherwise. It will help you stay operationally ready in case the country needs to deter foreign intervention and defend itself.

Readiness for Civil Defense

Volunteers do not necessarily have to take part in combat. You may also help out in other aspects of military operations such as legal support, medical assistance and communications. Training hones your skills in those aspects to better take care of the basic needs of the community during national emergencies and crises.

Assistance to Economic Defense

Lee Kuan Yew understood the relevance of economy for the long-term interests of Singapore, and he instilled that idea in all locals. During mobilisation, then, National Servicemen and volunteers defend independence and economic stability to protect the economic miracle that changed the fate of the nation.

Improvement of Social Defense

As a volunteer, you will meet people from all walks of life and work with them on an equal footing. This helps you realise that people of different ethnicities and religions can befriend each other and work together for a more harmonious society.

Steadiness of Psychological Defense

Finally, military training strengthens your will and resilience to overcome challenges. This is important because strong psychological defense enables Singaporeans to determinedly work together and stand up for the nation in case of threats.

Total Defense has helped countries rise above multiple economic and military challenges over the years. Military training gives you a better understanding of it, hence, enabling you to serve and protect the country better despite being a civilian.

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