The Old Word in a New World: How Christian Schooling Helps Children

Schooling Age in Pinellas ParkSecular education, home schooling, traditional Christian instruction — nowadays, more and more schooling options are becoming available to children. But as instructional methods during these formative years affects what kind of adults they become, it is important for parents to carefully weigh their options. Lisa Miller, who argues for a more religious upbringing, writes that children who have a sense of spirituality are less likely to become dependent on drugs or alcohol, be depressed, and engage in unsafe sex.

Here are some other principles that Christian schools emphasize.

A Sense of Service and Community

Christian environments expose students to the larger questions about their communities and society at large. Esther’s School, for one, recommends choosing a school based on a curriculum that grooms students to become graduates with the shared goal of making the world better.

Christianity, as a whole, strives to nurture and support an environment that discourages acts of greed. Rather, they focus on spiritual maturity. Introducing your child into this kind of community will allow them to learn and appreciate fundamental human values like compassion and empathy.

Ingrain Respect and Humility

Family physician and psychologist, Dr. Leonard Sax, reports that many children have become increasingly disrespectful today and many in society have simply accepted it as the new norm. In a book that Dr. Sax wrote called “The Collapse of Parenting,” he says that kids need to learn values like respect and humility early in life, as adults have difficulty unlearning bad habits and learning new, better ones.

As the primary premise of the Christian faith is to instill the lessons of loving people unconditionally, a Christian education based on this principle will allow children to learn how to be more respectful towards people.

A person’s development starts during the formative schooling age. Expose your child to a more spiritual kind of instruction so they develop Christian values that they can carry into adulthood.

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