The Many Hats of a Perfect Manager

Management is difficult, as the diverse skill sets inherent in an effective manager are not always easy to find in a person. All companies have managers everywhere, but if you deconstruct the qualities of effective management, you can find a combination of skill sets from different professions.

As gentle as a psychologist

Good managers understand their employees, most especially what motivates them and what demoralizes them. They also relate to their employees’ direct reports in a way that makes their employees want to do their best. Taking the IOSH working safely course for Glasgow adds value to this department.

As wise as a judge

All managers have multiple constituencies. At the very least, they have to relate well to those both above and below them: their own management and their direct reports. Both groups may have different agendas. Tip the balance too far in either direction may result in problems.

As meticulousness as an accountant

Above all, know your numbers. Chances are that as a manager you’ll have budgetary responsibility. The assumption is you’ll have a degree of financial expertise, and you’ll get no sympathy from your own management if you don’t.

As inspirational as an authority figure

With big projects on the line and deadlines looming, there will be many times when you’ll need to exhort, inspire and encourage your directs to do their best. Guiding your employees toward your goals is a key part of the managerial mix. Gaining your employee’s respect, however, can be more important than being friendly all the time, especially during stressful moments when immediate corrective action is necessary.

As caring as a nurse

Managers must also motivate their people to take care of health, as a decrease in employee attendance also means a decrease in company production. While not everyone took a health care degree in college, taking the IOSH managing safely course for Glasgow solves this additional need in the skill set of the manager.

Many people are first promoted into management for their solid knowledge of their own business. But that’s only part of the managerial equation, as all managers wear many hats. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. If you’re completely lacking any of these five components, management may well prove a persistently challenging endeavour. Glasgow IOSH working safely course providers can help you see if you can do something about your weaknesses.

About the Author

As a psychology professor at a university in Texas. Athrun also teaches at a personality development institute in the same state.