The Importance Of Tourism To Job Growth

According to the chairman of Visit Scotland, tourism could play a fundamental role in job creation and economic growth over the next decade.

Growth in Tourism

tourismMike Cantlay responded to a report of Deloitte that said tourism could grow 53.4% by 2025. According to the report, the tourism economy of Scotland will be worth about £11.6Bn this year.

The country could have a tourism industry worth £23.1Bn by 2025. These figures could support almost 350,000 jobs. The report predicted that Scotland’s tourism outside the UK could grow from £2Bn in 2013 to £5.2Bn by 2025.

Tourism as a Cornerstone

According to Cantlay, chairman of Visit Scotland, tourism is a cornerstone of Scottish industry and is vitally important to the ongoing stabilization of the economy.

“I’m delighted to see the importance being placed on tourism, highlighting the fundamental role it has in job creation, economic growth and ultimately putting Scotland firmly on the front foot after a difficult economic period.” Cantlay said.

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