The Gift of Security: Protecting Data Centers and Networks in 2014

a woman using a computer at workThe IT industry is continuously growing. Companies need to keep up with new technologies to meet industry standards. Some of the biggest innovations the industry experienced the past few years revolve around securing networks and data facilities.

There are many studies and product reviews on magazines about different data center security products. For 2014, think about improving the protection of your data facility. Here are a few tips on keeping your digital information safer:

Go Beyond the Physical Barrier

According to magazines and websites on data centers, the IT industry has moved beyond using regular physical firewalls. Some are installing security protections in different areas of a network, including internal divisions, external sections, in a DMZ, and at a cloud site. While having physical security is good, think about adding virtual protection to your centers. As these are more flexible, they offer more control on your network, and traffic flow. In addition, you can place these applications within sections where you’re running special policies.

Software-defined Protection

As you place security devices on different areas of your network, develop communication methods for a faster and more secure cloud environment. Software-defined protection increases the security of your network. Apart from this, developing site-to-site protected connections is now essential. This security feature offers multiple layers of protection to a network. It focuses on increasing control, creating application-awareness, and developing flexibility in your digital environment.

Innovative Security Engines

Cloud computing makes protecting data a challenging task. Some of the security features you should think about having are Intrusion Prevention and Detection Services (IPS and IDS), and Layer 4-7 DDoS protection. Another advanced protection feature that’s great to have in your network is a data-loss prevention (DLP) service. These services monitor different points inside and outside of your network. To avoid data loss, some platforms combines different technologies to protect a network.

Cloud-ready Platforms

use border security equipment to control devices connecting to your network. These types of equipment have advanced capabilities that allow them to scan all devices accessing the network. You can set metrics to secure your network. When users didn’t meet the requirements, they will only see limited data.

Prioritize network and data center security for 2014. Assess your data facility and focus on its weak points.


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