The Big Job of a Little Splash Block

Splash BlockEvery DIY-er in the country has their fair share of experience in installing simple gutter systems, and the basic mechanics of how they work is easy enough for anyone to understand. But the gutters don’t end at the roof; there are components on the ground that ensure that the job is done properly. This unsung hero of the gutters is known as the splash block.

Splashing is a Big Deal

The splash block is a simple enough part; it’s a protective cement or metal basin that lies at the bottom of the drainpipe. Its job is to direct the downward flow of water from the drainpipe away from the house, and protect the base of the home from splash backs that can lead to accumulated water damage. It’s a simple enough function that goes a long way in ensuring that the foundation lives a long and healthy life.

There are several things that can happen to a house if it didn’t have splash blocks at the end of its gutter systems. Out of all these possibilities though, the contractors at Sheridan Exteriors explain that there are only two things that really get a homeowner’s attention.

A Little Block Can Go a Long Way

Beginning with the aesthetic part of the equation, splashes from the drainpipe can create unseemly splotches that lower the value of a home. It’s an effect that’s made even more jarring if the rest of the exterior wall is well kept.

Another, more important consideration for people who don’t have a splash back is the cost of repair. Exterior walls don’t come in segments where people can just pick a spot and remove it at will; walls need to be as solid as possible, with as few weak points as possible, to do its job of protecting residents. This is the reason when even just a small part of the wall suffers damage, the entire thing needs replacement.

There’s nothing more frustrating for a homeowner than to have to pay the cost of getting an entire wall repaired or replaced, because of a fraction of damage. Splash blocks are a simple tool that can help homeowners save themselves from that frustration, and ensure that all their money goes to where they want it to go.

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