The Best Used Car Models and Dealerships for 2014

quality used carUsed car dealerships are increasing even for this year, as more consumers discover the savings they get. Regardless of the brand, however, the model and condition are more important when buying. Knowing what other used car buyers are getting can also give you an idea:

BMW 328i

If you’re planning to buy a used BMW in California or elsewhere, you shouldn’t miss the BMW 3 Series. After a few redesigns, it has become more spacious, luxurious, and fuel-efficient. The BMW 328i has a turbo four-cylinder that runs at 28 mpg, has great noise isolation, and usually comes in color white. Its start-stop system and steering wheel makes for quick acceleration as well.

Lexus LS

At present, high-end luxury models like the LS400, LS430, and LS460 are still hot tickets in the used car market. Reliability and maintenance are among the reasons why it’s on the favorites list of many used car buyers. These vehicles usually have fewer defects and have better mileage, which many see as a good deal.

Honda CR-V

This model is among the small SUV models that many used car buyers prefer. Its reliability, spacious seating, and smooth powertrain are among its top features. If you worry about your safety while driving, its highly responsive brakes will help you stop without creating too much noise.

Toyota Highlander

Many used car buyers prefer this model because it offers the practicality of an SUV and the appearance of a sedan. It’s ideal for those who drive their family to school and work or those who always need to bring heavy items. Choose between a V6 and a hybrid, which runs from 18 to 27 mpg.

Whether you’re buying a used BMW, Toyota, or Honda in California and other states, it’s important to know which will give you the best driving experience. Talk to used car sellers to help find the right vehicle.

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