That Extra Fuel Can Make Your Boating Trip Last Longer

Fishing Boat on the Dock

As with any means of transportation, refuelling is one of the major yet necessary hassles of boating. This shouldn’t make you less excited about the massive waters of Australia just waiting for you to explore. But at the same time, with such great distances to reach, it’s important you always have extra fuel with you every single time you go on that long-rate water adventures.

But how do you carry it in the first place? A high quality, portable fuel tank that meets the Australian Standards provides you with the solution you need.

Keeping Your Boat Smooth-Sailing

Although remote water travel may be just what you need to ease your urban soul, it does come with the concern of carrying sufficient fuel to keep your boat operating functionally. This is even more important than land travel, as you definitely won’t come across a refuelling station in the middle of the ocean. As such, you have to carry more than what your boat’s tank can hold, not just to arrive at your destination or wander around the seas, but also for safety purposes.

Investing in a portable tank is the easiest way to approach this boating issue.

In Compliance with the Australian Standards

Because you want to minimise the possibility of running out of power while at sea as much as possible, you need to always have extra fuel with you at all times. However, you can’t just carry it on the boat through regular containers. You have to remain in abidance with the Australian Standards, particularly the AS2906:2001. Complying with this won’t just help you keep out of trouble with the law; the Government implements it for your safety and protection.

So before you board your water vehicle and go exploring the Australian waters, make sure you already have a portable fuel container. This way, you can worry less about break downs and focus more on enjoying the sea.

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