Temporary vs. Permanent: Knowing Who to Hire

staffBusinesses have different demands. Many of them say that having few but capable workers is enough, while others believe that having more people working together is better. If you can’t decide between hiring temporary and permanent staff, you should read this guide to help you:

Know the Workload Needed

Determine the amount of workload to decide whether you need temporary or permanent staff. If you think that you can’t meet a deadline, for instance, then hiring staff from temp agencies could fill in for your lack of manpower. If you feel that the demands of your business won’t slow down anytime soon, hiring permanent staff is more advisable.

Know Your Budget Limitations

Know how much you can afford. The number and type of staff you can hire depends on your operating budget. Hiring a single full-time employee can affect your funds significantly, as you need to pay the minimum wage, payroll tax, and the necessary benefits and worker’s compensation. It’s best to hire permanent staff only if you have extra funds. If not, hiring temporary workers is your safest and most budget-friendly choice.

Know the Skills and Capabilities of Your Workers

Many businesses hire temporary staff to see how well they work and adapt to their operations. In fact, many job applicants think of this as a stepping-stone to become a permanent worker. If you have full confidence in your human resource department, though, then hiring permanent staff right away isn’t bad either.

Know the Timeframe of Your Business

Do the demands of your business grow on specific dates, such as Christmas, New Year, or the start of the school year? Then your current workforce might not be enough to meet them. Hiring temporary staff is ideal when your business needs help in a short period. Moreover, you’re not obligated to keep them afterwards. If your business is steady and doesn’t rely on such dates, however, hiring permanent staff is a good decision.

The right type of staff depends on the workload, budget, and timeframe of your business. Before finding qualified applicants, it’s best to focus on these factors to make sure that you won’t regret your hiring decisions.

About the Author

As a New York-based psychologist. Thelma Scott has conducted several seminars tackling adult autism.