Tamarindo Vacation: Communing with Nature

Going on a vacation is a rewarding decision. It gives you time to relax, experience something new, and catch a breath of fresh air. There are many famous destinations around the world, but one town in Costa Rica is gaining popularity among those looking for serenity and a refreshing communion with nature. Find out more about the things that make this place a popular vacation spot.

Tamarindo: A Costa Rican Paradise

Tamarindo is a town located on the Northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. This area’s small population swells during holidays and vacation time. Many people visit Tamarindo for its clear waters, great waves, and tropical forests. Anglers also find this place a perfect sport fishing spot. Tourists occupy the many vacation homes located throughout the area during peak travel season.

The Place for Nature Lovers

Now let’s talk about nature. Tamarindo offers tons of activities that will make every tourist fall in love with nature. The Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge is the place to go if you want to see many plants and animals in a protected forest. You can also witness the beauty of mangroves and estuaries in the coastal areas. If you want to see the world’s largest reptile, then arrange a trip to the Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas. This place is home to the famous leatherback turtles, which come ashore between November and April to lay their eggs. These parks are only a few minutes away from your rented beach house, so don’t miss the fun and excitement.

Ride or Walk

There are different ways to explore Tamarindo’s diverse flora and fauna. You can take a walk at the forest, together with your friends or family and your guide. Forget the sound of the busy streets in your hometown or workplace, and hear the music the birds make. You can also ride a horse while touring the place. If you want an extreme experience, go ride an ATV and you’ll find more areas, where you can relax and enjoy the calmness of the wind.

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