Sports in the Land Down Under

Australia is known for its many quaint features. From the diverse flora and fauna to rich sociocultural background, anybody can learn something new about the Land Down Under. Apart from these staples, however, the continent is also becoming quite known for different sporting events.

motocrossRuling the Sporting World

In Australia, there’s no other sport as famous as the Australian rules Football, or the Australian Football to some. Every year, the sport gathers millions of fans at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, rooting for their favourite teams. The game is so popular that it ranks as having the highest spectator attendance among the other sporting events in the continent.

What distinguishes Australian Football from other similar sports such as rugby is the widely-celebrated move spectacular marking. This involves a player jumping up on the back of another player to catch the airborne ball. The move, while dangerous for both players, has become an important aspect of the game. There’s even an annual “Mark of the Year” competition to honour the best marking play.

Thunder from Down Under

Australia is no stranger to motocross popularity. From safety equipment such as Alpine star boots to world championship-winning stunts, the sport is a household name to many motorbiking enthusiasts. In fact, some Motocross World Championship events are held in Australia.

The feats of Chad Reed, a multi-awarded racer, further pushed motocross into the limelight. Nicknamed, the Thunder from Down Under, he has won numerous major titles for Australia.   He was even named a member of the Order of Australia for his contributions as a professional racer.

National Pasttime

Another prevalent sport in the country is cricket. Many people have been playing the sport on Australian soil for over 210 years now. Cricket is regarded by many as the country’s national sport and has figured prominently in Australian culture and public consciousness.

Australia has also made waves in the international sports community through cricket. The national team is considered one of the most successful teams in the sports and has achieved recognition for the country.

The Land Down Under is fast becoming a sports haven. With the progress the country is making in the sports scene, it’s not surprising to see visitors flocking in Australia to buy Alpines boots and other sports essentials. For now, enthusiasts can relish all the sporting events that the continent offers.


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