Shed Sanctuaries

shed sanctaurySheds have a reputation of being property attachments. These have been exiled to the darkest corner of the backyard. Some sheds even serve as storage for things that don’t fit in the main house.

What many people don’t realize is that those structures are like small temples to their owners. According to industry main stay Wright’s Shed Company, a relationship is formed between a shed and its owner that’s both sacred and unbreakable. Ever since the first shed came into existence men have been taking refuge in them for any number of reasons.

Shed Escapes

According to surveys, one in five men, or roughly twenty-one percent of the male population go to their sheds to avoid arguments with their loved ones, most especially their wives. Almost half of the respondents said that they would be “lost” without their backyard sanctuaries. Nevertheless, the shed revelations don’t stop there, as about twelve percent admitted that they would rather spend time in their sheds than with their families. The most shocking statistic, though, is that six percent of respondents said they love their sheds so much they would like to be buried there.

From what these men have divulged in these surveys, wives may need to stop looking for hidden mistresses, and just go to their sheds to talk to their partner. But, unlike a mistress, wives really cannot blame their husbands from going to their sheds, as these are useful and beautiful.

Shed Benefits

Different studies have shown that an average of thirty minutes of peace a day can do wonders for lowering blood pressure, and even boost confidence. Sure, guys can get that very same feeling in basements, attics, and even their bathrooms if they wanted to. Still, there is just something about opening the door and coming out to nature; to see grass and the sky after spending some time alone is surprisingly uplifting.

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