Samsung Silently Pushing For New Mobile OS

tizenAndroid and iOS everyone knows. But it is highly unlikely that any mobile phone user has heard of Tizen. Indeed, the name is unfamiliar even to car and fridge owners. But if things go right for Samsung Electronics Co., then Tizen might become a household name soon enough.

Tizen Operating System

The South Korean electronics company is looking forward to making the Tizen operating system a part of the regular dictionary, a system as popular as Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. In fact, it has already made a quiet push in the direction and has ambitions to get the operating system not just in the mobiles, but also in cars, fridges and televisions.

At the first developer conference in Asia for Tizen that wrapped up on Tuesday, Samsung did call for the developers to make apps for the new mobile OS that is yet to hit the market.

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