Retailers are Fighting at Amazon: Here’s a Strategy to Win

a man using an online retail websiteAmazon has finally arrived in Australia. One of the world’s biggest e-commerce websites launched its retail offerings ahead of the Black Friday sale. It has also opened its first fulfilment centre in Melbourne, as it announced plans to expand in other cities such as Sydney.

However, while its presence means more options for customers, it also highlights the growing intense competition among online retailers.

Steep Competition

China and the United States remain two of the biggest online retail markets, but Australia’s e-commerce industry is also growing rapidly with a possible income of $32 billion before 2017 ends. More than half of consumers use mobile devices and the Internet to shop.

Many online retailers, on the other hand, are small businesses. Amazon’s arrival, therefore, provides an additional venue for them to reach out to global customers. But with the very limited listing, it may mean sellers need to be more aggressive in marketing and face intense competition against one another.

True enough, at least 28 percent of businesses can already feel the stress of online competition, according to a PayPal survey.

Give Yourself the Edge

How can a business give itself a competitive advantage on Amazon? There are two ways: one, maximise the fulfilment centres and meet their condition guidelines.

By using its fulfilment centres, it frees resellers the time and pressure that come with meeting the shipping deadlines. However, to even be part of its marketplace, goods should arrive in excellent condition.

Based on Amazon guidelines, the marketplace does not accept goods that are showing signs of corrosion, staining, and wear. It should have complete parts, and all must work properly. It also should not require any type of repair or service.

X-Pak, one of the leading strap suppliers in the country, strongly recommends businesses to invest in a strapping tool that can handle loads of various sizes and weights.

It keeps the goods stable during long transport, ensuring goods arrive in good form. It also avoids delays that can happen due to securing methods not meeting Amazon’s guidelines.

Retailers do not need to fight the system to win. Instead, they just have to learn how to leverage it to sell more. With Amazon, being part of the marketplace provides businesses extra exposure they cannot waste.

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