A Refresher: The No-Fail First-Date Rules for the Modern Aussie Guy

date rulesThese days, first dates go far beyond not talking about religion, politics, and sex; the rules have changed quite a bit in the past years. Most men today already know these rules, but sometimes, people simply need a refresher.
So, a word to the wise, modern guy: to make your first date as successful as possible, follow the rules below.

Rule #1: Don’t Talk About the Past

First dates are new beginnings. Do not try to revisit your past relationships—no matter how beautiful or ugly they may be. Most guys use the “ex talk” on first dates because it’s easy, and both of you have that “horrible ex” in common.

It is important to discuss past relationships with your new partner, but remember that there is a perfect time for it—and a first date is not it.

Rule #2: Don’t Get Drunk

First dates usually happen in bars so the pair can keep the mood light. But getting drunk ruins the chance you have with the girl. The best thing you can do is to look for places to eat in Redcliffe if you live in Brisbane, have a cocktail or two and leave it at that.

Making a good first impression is the key, and you cannot achieve that if you are drunk.

Rule #3: Don’t Interview the Girl

You are finding a new girlfriend, not a business partner. Do not ask the same predictable questions everybody else asks: How many siblings do you have? Where do you work? Talk about something else, like something about their hobbies or their hometown.

A good conversation is also key to a successful first date, so find the balance between simply asking and learning about your date.

Rule #4: Engage Her

Eye contact is important. Look her in the eyes, do not slump on your chair, and be careful of your body language. Do not rattle off a list of your accomplishments, too—because confidence is good, and arrogance is not. Learn to find the balance between boasting and impressing someone.

Some of these first date rules can be quite obvious and some might even sound silly. Yet you would be surprised by how often people disregard them.

So keep the conversation light, follow these rules, and hopefully, your first date will lead to a second.

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