Redefining 21st Century Yuppies

apartmentYoung professionals or yuppies have always endured negative stereotypical labels throughout the years.Often seen as frivolous when it comes to spending, they are mocked for their supposedly self-absorbed personal consumption.

Today, things are different. If you are a starting professional in this age of greater socioeconomic mobility, now is the best time to live. Take these pieces of advice and be part in redefining the yuppie label:

Establish Independence

Gone are the days when yuppies only spend for spending’s sake. Today, these people know where to put their financial resources to good use. Some young professionals now choose to rent stylish apartments in places like Harrisburg, Philadelphia, rather than spending money on temporary luxuries.

Compared to brand bags, these kinds of investments can help you achieve and refine your career path in the long run. You can start by looking for one near your workplace or your current address. This way, you will not only establish independent living, but also set a trajectory for your plans.

Play Your Strengths

One of the better things that society says about modern yuppies is their ability to flesh out their strengths. They know exactly when they are necessary in the bigger picture and how to implement the plans efficiently. They just need the right avenue to showcase their abilities and use them fully.

There are times though that your ideas might be stifled by regimented corporate policies. You can turn the situation by presenting them as suggestions or recommendation to your peers.Ask your supervisors what other measures to take or how you can further help business operations.

Be Coachable

As some yuppies can well stand on their own, other seasoned professionals are finding it hard to coach them. This is probably the reason some entrepreneurs mistakenly put negative and hurtful connotations labels to yuppies.

You can avoid the stereotype by learning as much as you can from your superiors and peers. Be as coachable as possible and learn from your mistakes. Keep in mind that these people may have been in the industry longer than you have been in it.Thus, they may give valuable advice in different things, from by looking for houses for rent to career decisions

Ultimately, being a yuppie today is all about being relevant. In the past, people disdained them because they are seemingly detached from society. Now, you have a bigger role in shaping your society for the better.


About the Author

As a psychology professor at a university in Texas. Athrun also teaches at a personality development institute in the same state.