Public Relations in 2018: Develop a Strategy Now

PR on a keyboard2018 is still a few months away. However, you can gain an advantage over your competitors if you already envision a public relations strategy next year. By preparing in advance, you will know what to do even before the new year begins. At the same time, you will be ready for any changes in PR trends. Finally, you also gain a head start in building the consumer trust in your product, brand, or company. Consider the following steps, as explained by Sphere Agency, a top PR company Melbourne.

Establish Your Credibility

You can formulate a PR strategy for 2018 based on predictions made by experts. These predictions can include challenges you will face or opportunities you can capitalise on. One such prediction comes from the loss of trust consumers have with mainstream media. As such, there is a challenge in establishing your company’s credibility without the help of media experts.

Make Thought Leadership Company-Wide

Speaking of credibility and experts, it goes without saying that the leaders in your company need to be thought leaders or industry experts. The idea of thought leadership, however, needs to dribble down to even your entry-level employees. With this, you don’t worry too much if one thought leader leaves your company. You’d still have many other thought leaders in your organisation.

Adapt to Digital Media

To build your company as a reputable one, you also have to fully adapt to digital media. Digital has taken over the world and is here to stay. To move forward without fully digital capabilities can only impede the growth of your company. You can make your PR strategy better by integrating digital storytelling, social listening, and big data into your plans.

Use Artificial Intelligence

Aside from digital media integration, you can begin thinking about using artificial intelligence for your PR. Usual uses for AI in customer service include chat-bots. Chat-bots, if done properly, can improve your PR.

You can hire a PR company to help you formulate a strategy. With the initiative described above, you can have a good idea of what 2018 may look like for your company’s PR.

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