Prime Metrics in the Contact Center Business

Customer Service RepresentativeIn America, any company dealing directly with consumers thrive on customer service. Just because you believe in your offerings doesn’t mean the quality of your products alone would cut it. You have a big responsibility to address the needs of your customers real-time when things don’t go according to the plan. You also have a brand to promote and a reputation to protect, which is why you need to have adept and skilled agents to represent your company24/7.

Contact centers are your ultimate partner in this daunting endeavor. As a vendor to many consumers inside and outside the United States, you need to work with a company that can provide live customer service with enough staffing to meet your business needs.

Before choosing a partner, understand these three main metrics in the contact center business that have a big impact your organization:


Customer satisfaction (CSAT) is a solid indicator of your standing in your industry. Many market research companies, like J.D. Power, serve as the voice of the American consumers, as they measure the level of satisfaction of customers based on their experience with their providers. This means the ratings you would get in surveys could reflect on your reputation as an organization in public. To outclass your competitors by gaining a higher CSAT score, you need to have exceptional representatives on the phone that resonate your corporate values at all times.


Quality assurance (QA) refers to how your agents abide by your business rules. Despite the great importance of pleasing a customer, a representative shouldn’t circumvent policies that could hurt your company in the long run. The results of the QA scores allow you to know if the representatives don’t compromise the interest of your company while delivering excellent live customer service.


Average handling time (AHT) is significant as you pay your partner company on the amount of minutes they invest to resolve concerns for your customer. AHT tells you the efficiency of a representative in handling customer issues and helps you spot the weaknesses of agents on certain call types.

Working with contact center company is only beneficial only if they do well on all these metrics. In a country where customer service is the name of the game, it pays to put your money on a company that can help you push your business forward one call at a time.

About the Author

As a New York-based psychologist. Thelma Scott has conducted several seminars tackling adult autism.