Pop the Hood: Questions to Ask a Used Car Dealer

affordable used carBuying a used car comes with some risks. Sure, you can choose any model you want at a lower cost. You just can’t be certain, though, if you’re really getting a great bargain or just another person’s junk. That is, until you find yourself stuck in the middle of the street with a busted engine.

If you know the right questions to ask, however, you may still end up with a quality pre-owned car that suits your budget. When shopping for a used vehicle, here are some of the things you should ask a dealer:

Can I check the car’s history report?

Reputable dealerships that offer affordable used cars in Indianapolis, Indiana are willing to supply clients with a CarFax report. Every automobile manufactured in 1981 and later comes with a CarFax report, which shows everything there is to know about a car’s history – from accident history to service records. If the dealer only managed to give excuses instead of presenting you the CarFax report, move on to another dealership.

Do you offer a warranty?

Warranties on used cars are actually quite rare. There’s no harm in asking, though. A limited warranty is the best that you can get. Most used car dealers offer it just to close the deal. If you’re lucky, you can find a used car with warranties for up to nine months. Apart from warranties, you may also ask for a discounted rate from used car dealership lots in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Can I test drive the car?

If you’ve found a used car that matches your taste and budget, get it checked by your own mechanic. Taking the car on a test drive will let you get a good feel of the vehicle’s performance. To better evaluate the car, think about asking for an extended test drive. Depending on the dealer’s approval, this may take several hours, a whole day, or even overnight. Just be clear about how much time you’ll need.

A used car is a risky purchase so be very careful when shopping for one. You don’t need to be so savvy to avoid ending up with a lemon, though. You just need to know the right questions to ask the dealer.

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