Outdoor Fabric Shades Maintenance Guide

Fabric cloth covering the motorcycleHaving a bright and sunny day can lift a person’s spirit. However, too much such can also cause damage not only to your skin but also to your overall health. This is the reason why shades and structures providing protection are made or installed in various public and private establishments.

These shading solutions come in various materials like fabric structures, plastic, wood, or even steel among others. Over the years, fabric shades are slowly gaining popularity because it is affordable, aesthetically pleasing and is easily maintained. Despite being used outdoors, here are some ways to easily to clean and sustain outdoor shades found in your home or office spaces.

Know the fabric type

Just like the clothes you are wearing, various fabric structures are made of different kinds of fabric. There are ones that need tender love and care, while there are others which you can easily throw in the machine, and it will come out good as new. Before cleaning your fabric structures, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s tips and recommendations when it comes to handling the materials. Avoid chemical cleaners that might do more harm than good to your fabric shade.

Cleaning the frame

Every shade has a frame that holds the fabric in place. More often than not, the way to clean the fabric is different from the way you clean the frame. If your fabric is detachable, then cleaning would be easier. However, if the fabric cannot be removed from the frame itself then seeking professional help is best done.

Check the parts

Screws and bolts are present in shades and vary depending on the type of shade that you have. Regularly check these parts, tighten or lubricate them as needed to make sure that it operates as smoothly as possible.

Nothing lasts forever, but a well-maintained set of shades can last you a long time. All you need to do is follow these tips.

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