Open a New Door to Your Home’s Beautiful Interior

Your door is what visitors see before they enter your home. It can either make a good or a bad impression. Why settle for negative feedback when you can buy exterior doors that will be the envy of your guests and neighbors?

There are many types of doors, from antique styles to modern designs. These include the following:

French Doors

French doors are stylish, functional, and decorative. They usually come with several glass panes that bring natural light into a room. You can have a clear view of your interior if you use them as patio doors. They don’t provide full privacy, but are perfect for defining a room. Pocket French doors slip into a slot in the wall. Bi-fold doors fold up like an accordion, while sliding doors are great for patio access. French doors can be either single or double.

Tuscan Doors

The Tuscan architecture features arched windows and doors, and warm, earth-tone colors. Have a taste of the rich and charming Italian country living with Tuscan doors. They are available in different styles and wood types to suit every homeowner’s taste.

Mediterranean Doors

Make a great first impression with your elegant red cedar, tropical teak, or pacific maple Mediterranean door. It infuses the rich detail of bent iron, heavily machined solid timbers, and bevelled glass. This strong door will let you live the true European spirit in your own home.

Spanish Doors

The use of different shapes and patterns, and the meticulous workmanship make this type of door popular. Usually made from solid hardwood, such as oak or mahogany, Spanish doors boast hand carved facings, twisted iron handles, knockers, and other hardware.

Rustic Doors

These include simple plank style doors that are common in renovations, restorations, and new constructions. They come in a variety of designs, and are ideal for cottages and bungalows. You can also find them in many arts and crafts and Gothic style buildings.

Any of these types could be the best one for your home. Look for an authorized dealer of high quality residential exterior doors online and enjoy a better home living experience.

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