Offensive Online Comments Made Illegal In Grenada

illegal commentsThe Caribbean nation of Grenada has passed a legislation that would make it illegal to post offensive comments on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. An electronic crimes bill was passed on Friday that also imposes fines on other malicious online activities like identity theft and electronic stalking.

The legislation is the first of its type in the Caribbean. Under this act, complaints on offensive comments can be filed with the police. A judge would decide if the message was offensive. Those found guilty can be fined up to $37,000 or they can face three years in prison.

The legal affairs minister Elvin Nimrod said that the posting can be taken as evidence in the court. He also added that people would have to act responsibly to others. The legislation also makes it an offense to distribute child pornography. Fines of up to $111,000 can be imposed for this offense with a maximum prison sentence of 20 years.

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