Not just the Bride: Bridesmaids need Professional Hair and Make-up Too

hair and makeupPreparing for your wedding involves preparing for what your bridesmaids might need as well. Everyone wants to look beautiful from head to toe, and one of the ideal ways to do this is by getting professional hair and makeup for everyone. Here are some points to help you decide:

If You Want Everyone to Have the Same Look

If you’re the type who wants everything organised, then professional services for you and your entourage are a must. Your bridesmaids probably know how to style themselves already, but this can be a problem if their preferences differ. Some might apply natural make-up, for instance, while others prefer something more striking. As the bride, you do not want to be upstaged, either. You should still be the centre of your own special day, but a theme works even for your makeup and hair.

If You Can Pay or Have the Budget

There are no rules about paying for your bridesmaids’ hair and makeup. If you can, then do it. Ask if they want professional hair and makeup from stylists listed at and other such sites. Most of these companies offer wedding packages that are kind to your budget.

If They Can’t Do It on Their Own

Don’t assume that your bridesmaids know how to style their hair and apply make-up. While many think that it’s necessary for women to know about such things, not all of them are good at it. Preparing for an event like your wedding is different from going out and partying or grocery shopping. They’ll probably be spending on their dresses, transportation, and other expenses on your big day, so might as well take one burden away from them.

If You’re Planning to Have a Photo Shoot

Photographers use different lighting effects, which can make you and your bridesmaids look pale. Applying natural makeup could make you look like you’re not wearing makeup at all. As there’s no guarantee that everyone knows how to apply makeup according to such effects, hiring a professional is the safest choice.

Bridesmaids deserve to look beautiful on your wedding day, too. You’ll hire a professional stylist anyway, so why not maximise the services they offer?

About the Author

As a New York-based psychologist. Thelma Scott has conducted several seminars tackling adult autism.