No Guarantee That Gareth Bale Will Start For Real Madrid – Assistant Coach

gareth baleGareth Bale, one of the world’s most expensive players, may not start for real Madrid. He is likely to make his debut on 14th September at Villarreal. However, assistant coach Paul Clement said that they are not guaranteeing positions to anyone. He said that coach Carlo Ancelotti can use Gareth or other players to play in different capacities. There has been a constant debate on whether Ronaldo or Bale would play furthest forward. Clement said that team’s best interest will be kept in mind and they will be deciding the best position for both players as soon as possible.

Knuckle down and learn

The deal was settled on Sunday and presented to the fans on Monday. The Wales squad is now in possession of Bale for the upcoming world cup qualifiers. Clement suggested that Bale would benefit if he “knuckled down” and learnt the language. He said that communication was vital for organizing and instructions.

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