New Restrictions: Manchester United Bans Tablets, Laptops

laptopManchester United has announced that supporters are no longer allowed to bring in tablets and laptops during home matches this season.

Security fears

The move comes after the club had received a number of concerns about capturing the game using tablets, which blocks other supporters’ views.

However, there are also fears that fans will record large portions of the game with their devices.

Manchester United said the ban is in response to “security intelligence.”

People were informed about the decision via email ahead of the opening game.

‘Risk at this venue’

Manchester United has released a statement, saying the ban includes big and small tablets “including iPad minis.”

“The regulations at each stadium are a matter for the relevant stadium management authorities, however, the scale of Old Trafford and profile of Manchester United mean that the risk at this venue is unique,” the club added.

The club still allows the use of smartphones, as long as the dimension is smaller than 15cm by 10cm.

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