New AT&T Plan Allows Users To Upgrade Phone Annually

A new AT&T plan will let its customers upgrade their phones every year. According to the carrier, this new plan called AT&T Next, is an option that will allow a user snag a new device every year with no additional cost.

How it Works?

at-tThis new plan will work similarly to plans introduced by rival T-Mobile. It will have traditional contracts in favor of paying for phones through monthly payment. This plan from the wireless carrier would allow a consumer to get a smartphone and make monthly payments for the full price of the phone with nothing down. The user may choose to upgrade itafter 12 months. If the users want the phone, they should pay for an extra eight months.

According to the wireless carrier, installments may range from $15 to $50 a month, depending on the device.

This new plan will be available starting July 26. AT&T’s aim is also similar T-Mobile’s program. This will allow user to upgrade their device up to two times every year. Some reports said that Verizon Wireless will launch a same program called VZ Edge.

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