Need Money? Here are 3 Ways to Get It

Man and woman applying to get a loanYou’ve forgotten about a birthday, an anniversary, and an upcoming bill. Maybe even a debt that needs immediate repayment. Your paycheck is a week away and you’re not sure how you can stretch your finances to accommodate this unforeseen expense. You have the money — you just don’t have access to it yet.

It’s a struggle to look for a solution, but thankfully, there are things that can help:

Getting a Loan

This is the easiest way that does not require much effort. Utah Money Center explains that all you have to do is submit an application together with proof of financial capacity, and the cash loan will be yours. Repayment is quick, too. Simply wait for your paycheck to arrive and voila! The debt has been settled. Taylorsville residents are grateful for the existence of this kind of loan because of its convenience.

Selling Goods

If you know how to bake, you can get extra money if you’re willing to put in the work. Show up to work one day with a box of cookies or cupcakes, and sell them for a reasonable price. Preparation and cooking time barely take an hour, so you can do it the night before if you’re worried you might run late in the morning. The good thing about this is the immediate payment. You don’t need to wait for an invoice to be paid. As your colleagues get the goods, you get their money as payment.


Freelancing is proving to be a good use of your time, especially if you need the extra cash. Look for projects that require your skills and offer a bid. Complete the tasks on time and get paid quickly. Depending on how urgent your need for cash is, you might want to concentrate on a certain platform based on their payment schemes. Some offer biweekly payments, while others offer monthly or whenever you reach a certain amount.

You don’t need to worry about unnecessary expenses when you have options. Keep these suggestions in mind for the next time you’re short on cash.

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