Muslim Brotherhood Leader’s Arrest Ordered

badieEgyptian prosecutors have called for the arrest of Mohamed Badie, the head of Muslim Brotherhood. He is accused of instigating the violence in the Egyptian capital leading to 50 deaths. Many Muslim Brotherhood members are already under arrest with hundreds more warrants issued. Mr. Badie is referred to as the general guide within the movement. There also charges against other senior leaders of the brotherhood.

This comes as the newly sworn in interim Prime Minister is attempting to form a government to replace the overthrown President Morsi’s. The Brotherhood maintains the ouster of Morsi is a coup. He was from the Muslim Brotherhood. The political wing of the movement, the Freedom and Justice Party is not set to join the government being formed by the interim Prime Minister. Some movement members feel they have returned to the period of former President Hosni Mubarak, when they were hunted down and their movement banned.

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